Employer forms

Starting / continuing the tax year

Pay and deductions – recording

P11 (Working Sheet) – Deductions Working Sheet

P32 – Employer Payment Record

No PAYE/NICs Payment Due – notify HMRC now using this online form

P7X(2010) – Tax codes to use following the Budget

P9X(2010) – Tax codes to use from 6 April 2010

Expenses and benefits – recording

P46(Car) – Car provided for the private use of an employee or a director

Events during the tax year

Taking on a new employee

P46 – Employee without a form P45

P38(S) – Student Employees

CA6855 – Employees National Insurance Number Trace

P16A – Simplified Deduction Scheme – employer’s report when taking on a new employee

P46(Expat) – Employee seconded to work in the UK

Employee is sick

SC2 – Statutory Sick Pay

SP32 – Late claim for recovery of statutory payments or NIC compensation

SSP1 – Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and Incapacity Benefit

SSP2 – Statutory Sick Pay Record Sheet

Employee becoming a parent

SMP1 – Why I Cannot Pay You SMP

SMP2 – Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) record of payments

OSPP1 – Why I Cannot Pay You OSPP

OSPP2 – Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay (OSPP) record sheet

ASPP1 – Non-payment of Additional Statutory Paternity Pay

ASPP2 – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay – Record of payments

ASPP3 – Employer Checksheet for Additional Statutory Paternity Pay and additional paternity leave

SAP1 – Why I Cannot Pay You SAP

SAP2 – Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) – Record of Payments

SC10 – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay and additional paternity leave – in the event of the death of the mother/adopter

SC3 – Statutory Paternity Pay/Paternity Leave

SC4 – Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay/ordinary paternity leave – becoming an adoptive parent

SC5 – Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay- becoming an adoptive parent when adopting from abroad declaration form

SC6 – Statutory Adoption Pay and adoption leave when adopting from abroad

SC7 – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay/Paternity Leave – becoming a parent

SC8 – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay/additional paternity leave – becoming an adoptive parent

SC9 – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay and additional paternity leave – adopting a child from abroad

Employee leaving

P45 – Details of Employee Leaving Work

Employee retiring on a pension you pay

P46(Pen) – Notification of pension starting

Finishing the tax year

Pay and deductions – reporting

P60 – End of Year Certificate

P38A – Employer Supplementary Return

P35 – Employer Annual Return

P35(CS) – Employers Annual Return Continuation Sheet

P35PN – Notification to complete form P35 Employer Annual Return

NSR Appendix 7A – EP Appendix 7A – NICs Settlement Return

Expenses and benefits – reporting

P11D – Expenses Payments and Benefits

P11D(b) – Return of Class 1A NICs due. Return of expenses and benefits – employers declaration

P11DX – Dispensation for expenses payments and benefits in kind

P9D – Return of expenses payments and income from which tax cannot be deducted

P11DWS1 – Living Accommodation

P11DWS2 – Car and Car Fuel Benefit

P11DWS3 – Vans Available for Private Use

P11DWS4 – Interest Free and Low Interest Loans

P11DWS6 – Mileage allowance payments and passenger payments

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